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What’s going on in the world of VoIP business phone systems

Business Continuity Planning – Ufone Can Help

Business continuity planning is about being prepared for all types of disruptions, for example an earthquake a Pandemic, or even losing a key supplier. Plan to quickly adapt and get back on your feet, it’s vital to your business’s survival. If you’re a customer of Ufone we can help you maintain vital communications during a time…

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3CX Acquires WP-Live Chat

3CX’s latest acquisition is a testimony to the future of live chat and a game changer for the PBX and contact center market. LONDON, UK, 15 OCTOBER 2019 – 3CX, developer of unified communications solution 3CX Phone System, has today announced the acquisition of WP-Live Chat Support, the successful plugin for real-time website visitor chat. It’s the most popular chat…

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Ten Questions to Help Decide Your Next VoIP Service

Your business probably relies on a phone service for its very existence.  An efficient, convenient and accountable way for managing in and outbound calls is an essential part of a well-managed business. Critical Service The delivery of this critical service can be glossed over by IT staff who understand data services but not voice services….

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Copper Phone Lines Being Phased Out

Old fashioned phone lines are nearly obsolete and will soon be completely turned off, so what’s replacing them. If you use analogue phone lines still then you are paying over-inflated pricing for outdated technology.  Not only that you are also missing out on all the features and efficiencies that VoIP can offer. UFONE NZ is…

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