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What’s going on in the world of VoIP business phone systems

The 3CX Phone System

The Covid19 Pandemic has put IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony on speed dial. Organisations all over the world have switched from outdated digital phone exchanges to newer internet-based platforms, like the 3CX Phone System. Here is a guide to the 3CX Phone System. 3CX PHONE SYSTEM GUIDE Software-based phone solutions offer enhanced functionality, opening up all…

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3CX Version 18 Upgrade – during Summer 21-22

3CX Version 18 Upgrade was released back in August and we have many happy customers already running it. UFONE has held off upgrading everyone until we were sure things were stable and we’re happy to report that they are, so we’ll be slowly rolling out the upgrade to all 3CX systems over the break while…

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Are voice and data communications critical to your business?

UFONE’S 4GFAILOVER provides continuity of service for your voice and data communications. If your data connection is cut or goes down for any reason other than a power failure, UFONE’S 4GFAILOVER will kick in, seamlessly taking over the static IP address* ensuring your communications keep running. The benefits of 4GFAILOVER Peace of mind – Stay…

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UFONE Deploys Sydney PoP

Back in 2019, UFONE identified a strong need to increase our capacity and resiliency connecting with cloud providers, content delivery platforms and their networks. Not happy with having just one or two Transit Providers to these networks, we joined both the Megaport Internet Exchange and NZIX’s Auckland Exchange so we were able to connect more…

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3CX Reviews and Awards

3CX voip providers - the best VoIP technology and functionality

3CX has garnered recognition from industry-leading publications and tech insiders. Positive reviews, awards and special recognition are being published across the web and below is a selection of some of the most recent. 3CX develops a simple, flexible and affordable cloud PBX solution and the industry has taken notice. To see the latest product announcements…

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Business Continuity Planning – Ufone Can Help

Continuity planning for your business is about being prepared for all types of disruptions, for example, an earthquake a Pandemic, or even losing a key supplier. Plan to quickly adapt and get back on your feet, it’s vital to your business’s survival. If you’re a customer of Ufone we can help you maintain vital communications…

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3CX Acquires WP-Live Chat

3CX Acquires WP-Live Chat.  A game-changer for the PBX and contact center market. LONDON, UK, 15 OCTOBER 2019 – 3CX Acquires WP-Live Chat. This is a successful plugin for real-time website visitor chat. It is the most popular chat plugin for WordPress with over 1 million downloads and over 1,000 downloads per day. 3CX’s purchase of WP-Live…

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Your VoIP Phone Service – Ten Questions to Help Decide

Your business probably relies on voice communication for its very existence. A VoIP phone service is an efficient, convenient and accountable way to manage inward and outbound calls. Therefore it is an essential part of a well-managed business. Your VoIP Phone Service is a Critical Service The delivery of a VoIP phone service can be…

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Copper Phone Lines Are Being Phased Out

Copper phone lines are being phased out and will soon be completely turned off, so what’s replacing them. If you use analogue phone lines still then you are paying over-inflated pricing for outdated technology. Not only that you are also missing out on all the features and efficiencies that VoIP can offer. UFONE NZ is…

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