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Wholesale SIP Trunks from UFONE

UFONE Wholesale SIP trunks

UFONE Wholesale SIP Trunks

Wholesale SIP trunks are the foundation of a modern telephone or unified communications system. Whether you provide Microsoft Teams routing, 3CX or any other of the numerous VoIP phone systems available, you will need a competent SIP wholesaler to provide your customers with a reliable link to the national or international phone network via the Internet. 

UFONE is a New Zealand-owned and operated company with over 15 years of experience in the New Zealand market. We have worked with many IT providers and MSPs and have developed our tools and systems for ease of use. 

UFONE has thousands of businesses phoning the world through their network, and have engineered their system for reliability, security and dependability required of a business-grade VoIP system. 

We work for you!

UFONE is a 3CX Platinum partner and were the first in New Zealand to qualify for their VoIP platform and become 3CX interoperable. Our engineers know 3CX and VoIP technology intimately and are here to support you and your team to make VoIP a profit centre rather than a pain centre for you. 

UFONE Wholesale SIP Trunks
Here are a few reasons to use UFONE for wholesale SIP trunks

Cost Savings: Our wholesale pricing structure ensures that you get the best rates for SIP trunking, making your offering competitive and maximising your profit. 

Reliability: We understand the importance of reliable communication. Our SIP trunks are built on a robust network infrastructure, ensuring industry leading uptime and call quality. 

Security: Protecting sensitive data is our top priority. Our wholesale SIP trunks incorporate advanced security measures, including encryption and authentication protocols, to keep communications secure. 

Dedicated Support: Our team of experts is available round the clock to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. Count on our reliable support to ensure smooth operations and optimal performance. 

Unlimited calling option: For ease of billing and an uncomplicated experience for your customer choose unlimited calling. This can be added on to any SIP trunk or plan for your customer, except for dedicated call centres, and is subject to a fair use policy. 


A partnership model to suit you

Choosing the partnership that best suits you depends on your company’s VoIP expertise, billing capabilities, capital base, and business focus. Choose from either: 

Channel Partner

Monthly commission % on sales

You receive a monthly commission for clients that you bring on board. Once signed up, UFONE looks after the billing and works with you on supporting the new customer.

Wholesale Partner

Margin on sales

Buy services from UFONE at wholesale rates to offer directly to your clients. You look after billing and support so you will need to have independent systems in place.

Best Engineers
Best engineers

Certified 3CX engineers for seamless integration.

Resilient Network
Resilient network

Purpose-built infrastructure in a resilient mesh architecture.

Expert Support
Expert support

NZ-based support is just a phone call away.

SIP Trunks
SIP Trunks

We own, test, maintain and manage them for end-to-end control.

Find out more about becoming a UFONE Partner

We’re here to answer your questions and explore the benefits of working together. Call us on 0800 508 888 or register your interest below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible: