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UFONE and the 111 Contact Commission Code

Would you be able to call 111 during a power outage?

If the power goes out and there is an emergency, will you or your loved ones be able to contact 111? Most modern home phones require power to work. It’s important that you know what technology your home phone uses and that you also check your family and friends understand this and are prepared.

The 111 Contact Code ensures that people who are more likely to need to contact 111, and who have a phone service that doesn’t work in a power failure (with no other means of contacting 111 at their premises), are provided with a means to contact the 111 emergency service.

What devices & technologies need power?

The following information explains which devices and technologies are impacted during power cuts, alternative means to call 111 emergency services, and how to contact UFONE for more information or disputes.

Please share this with all members of your household that are users of a UFONE home phone (landline) service at your address.

UFONE’s cloud VoIP systems will not be accessible if you lose power and do not have a power backup.

These systems are:

  • 3CX
  • GoVoIP

The following physical devices may not function during a power failure:

  • Telephone and DECT handsets
  • On-premise PABX Systems

In addition, the following hardware that the above equipment relies on to provide power and/or data communications may not function during a power failure:

  • UFB/Fibre ONTs
  • Routers
  • Switches (With or without Power over Ethernet POE)

Alternate ways to contact 111

If your phone system fails due to a power outage, you can use a mobile phone to call 111 emergency services if you are inside mobile phone coverage. It is advisable to keep your cell phone suitably charged at all times.

Are you a vulnerable consumer?

To qualify as a “vulnerable” person you must be at particular risk of requiring 111 services such as: a known applicable medical condition, be exposed to family violence, or have certain disabilities.


You rely on a home phone through a fibre, wireless network or VoIP to call 111;


You don’t have an alternative way to contact 111, such as a mobile phone;

If you qualify as a Vulnerable Consumer, UFONE will provide your premises with either a mobile phone or a backup power supply capable of providing access to 111 emergency services for a minimum of 8 hours during a power failure.

You will need to provide evidence that you are a Vulnerable Consumer in the form by means of either:
(a) a protection order,
(b) a letter from a health practitioner, or,
(c) documentation of impairment.

Once we receive your completed form, we will accept or decline your application as a vulnerable customer within 10 working days.

If it is declined, we will inform you of the reason and see if there are any other options for you;

if it is accepted, we will provide you with an alternative means to contact 111.

Download and fill out the 111 Contact Commission Form and either:

Email it to support@ufone.co.nz

Or post it to:

PO Box 8868
Symonds St
Re: Commission 111 Contact Code

Complaints and Dispute Resolution

If you have a complaint related to the process or UFONE’s responsibilities within the 111 Contact Code, your first step is to contact us:


stating that your communication is in relation to the Commission 111 Contact Code.

We will contact you within 7 days.

If you do not reach a resolution with us, you can lay a complaint with Telecommunications Dispute Resolution at tdr.org.nz or the Commerce Commission.

Download the Contact 111 Application Form

Contact 111 Application Form

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