Are voice and data communications critical to your business?


4G FAILOVER from UFONE provides continuity of service for your voice and data communications.

If your data connection is cut or goes down for any reason other than a power failure, 4G FAILOVER from UFONE will kick in, seamlessly taking over the static IP address* ensuring your communications keep running.

The benefits of 4GFAILOVER

  • Peace of mind – Stay connected to essential data and voice communications when wired connections are cut
  • Customer Satisfaction – Prevent interruption to business, ensuring sales and support processes can continue
  • Business Continuity – Prevent downtime for staff, even if a UFB or wire connection is cut

Interruption to data and voice comms can mean business downtime & lost sales, dissatisfied customers or public safety issues. 4G FAILOVER from UFONE uses 4G LTE wireless networks to help keep your critical applications online or to support temporary or remote locations.

4GFAILOVER is essential for the continuity of communications areas such as:

  • Healthcare, manufacturing or any industry needing reliable connectivity for critical applications
  • Organizations that need quick connectivity for new stores, branches or worksites 
  • Retail stores or sales sites where EFTPOS and security systems need to work
  • First responders, those in remote areas and others seeking to stay connected in adverse conditions

Where can it be used?

The service can be used anywhere in New Zealand that is within 2Degrees Mobile coverage, which is almost all of the country. You can check out the 2DEGREES coverage map here.

If voice and data communications are critical to your business contact UFONE now, to see how 4G FAILOVER from UFONE can benefit your business.

*Static IP Failover is dependent on the use of a UFONE Managed Router.

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