Copper Phone Lines Are Being Phased Out

Copper phone lines are being phased out and will soon be completely turned off, so what’s replacing them.

If you use analogue phone lines still then you are paying over-inflated pricing for outdated technology. Not only that you are also missing out on all the features and efficiencies that VoIP can offer.

UFONE NZ is a VoIP Telecom company on a mission to help you before those old-fashioned lines get turned off. We specialise in providing Voice and Internet Services to mid-sized, multi-site companies with mobile workforces.

With all copper phone lines scheduled to be turned off sometime next year, UFONE explains why VoIP is the perfect product for replacing copper lines.

Unified Communications

VoIP also has major benefits for streamlining connectivity and communications for businesses and organisations. For example, a business that has several different branches, using a VOIP system can have all calls answered in one place by one person and then transfer it anywhere. “This is ideal for businesses who require flexibility throughout branches where workers may constantly be in and out of the office,” says UFONE CEO Nigel Rayneau.

Cost Savings

VoIP will save you on average 50% on the equivalent old analogue or digital ISDN phone service.  Although calling costs are significantly less an un-seen advantage is free calling within your company branches even located all over NZ or even the world.  Furthermore when traveling all you need is a WiFi connection at your hotel or a Starbucks. With that and a mobile phone, you can call back to the office free, or call anywhere else at the same low cost as at your office.

Advanced Functionality

If you are looking to make a conference call to 5 or even 50 other people then a VoIP system can do this easily and inexpensively. Likewise many “corporate functions” are now available to small businesses.  For example, voice messages can be emailed to you, voice prompts and queues are a standard feature as well as auto callbacks if the voice queue takes too long. Integrated text messaging is also easy so is video calling if you have the right hardware.


VoIP offers you a service that you can rely on. UFONE has invested extensively in a purpose-built VoIP telephony infrastructure. This system architecture has been designed for service providers with “carrier-grade” reliability and security through utilising geo-redundant, clustered topology.  “Our distributed database guarantees that any data-centre node can instantaneously take over the work of any other node that might go offline,” adds Nigel.


As your business grows, your VoIP system will grow with it. With a VoIP system, it is quick and easy to add or remove team members and extensions. “VoIP has a robust and feature-rich solution for a company’s growing needs,” advises Nigel.


With Ufone, you will get 24/7 technician support. Ufone’s team of Specialist VoIP Engineers are skilled leaders in their field and can sort out any IT-related issue you may have, they know the system inside and out.

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