Business Continuity Planning – UFONE Can Help

Continuity planning for your business is about being prepared for all types of disruptions, for example, an earthquake a Pandemic, or even losing a key supplier. Plan to quickly adapt and get back on your feet, it’s vital to your business’s survival.

If you’re a customer of Ufone we can help you maintain vital communications during a time of crisis.

Business Continuity Planning – are you prepared?

Your plan will need to be multifaceted and include the risks for your particular business, for example:

  • Coping with cashflow issues.
  • Insurance.
  • Flexibility where your staff can work from.
  • Access to critical data and services.
  • Robustness of supply chain.
  • Key staff contact details, and systems for enabling others to take over key tasks.

These things need thought and planning well in advance of when a crisis actually occurs.  If you are a customer of Ufone then we have already set you up to be able to cope will communications in times of crisis.

Business Communications Will Be Critical

Whether it’s remote working capabilities or diversion of phone services to any location, a well-planned VoIP system is critical. Maintaining customer contact and showing you are still available and responsive is a key component in business survival. It’s even possible your business could thrive if you are prepared and operational whilst others are struggling.

Ufone’s flagship product 3CX is a VoIP system that is ideal for companies looking for flexibility.  For example, using the desktop client enables you to easily work from anywhere you have an internet connection.  If you’re on the move then the mobile client lets you be on call and in the queue wherever you are.  Your receptionist could be at home and transfer your calls directly to you anywhere, even overseas.

If you’re a customer of Ufone we can train you to utilise our services in a crisis, a key to business continuity planning.
If you’re not a customer call us now, it’s not too late!

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