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Every organisation needs the capability to operate 24/7 from any location – or multiple locations. With a cloud-hosted VoIP business phone system from UFONE, your team can make the most of voice calls, video calls and live chat with no worries about performance. That’s because only UFONE brings you a world-class combination of 3CX technology, our own monitored and optimised SIP trunks and hosting in data centres right here in New Zealand.

Get in touch now, and find out what makes UFONE the VoIP IT Managers choose.

More functionality. Less fuss.

Moving to a cloud hosted phone system lets you strip out costs and complexity, and only pay for the functionality you need. UFONE offers you all this – plus the peace of mind you get from our New Zealand based support team and fully-owned VoIP infrastructure.

3CX Cloud Hosted Phone System

Not all 3CX providers are equal. UFONE has been delivering high-performance 3CX VoIP business phone systems to New Zealand organisations since 2013.

We were the first to achieve 3CX Platinum Partner status, and we’re also a preferred 3CX SIP Trunk Provider. It’s time to put the phone down on patchy performance, poor functionality and needless complexity.


VoIP business phone systems deliver huge business gains, with cost-effective calling plus a host of features to boost your team’s productivity.

That said, there’s a world of difference between a hosted PBX phone system that works the way you want it – and one that doesn’t. Here’s what makes UFONE one of New Zealand top 3CX providers.


Reliable, functional and easy to manage.

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End-to-end service and accountability.

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NZ data centres, infrastructure and support.

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We are VOIP specialists

Expert 3CX providers since 2013.

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Join the UFONE Partner Programme

You’re an IT company that prides itself on providing top-quality services to your customers. We’re New Zealand’s premium VoIP business phone specialists. Let’s talk.

UFONE values the expertise of IT companies who are looking to enhance their offering to customers. A hosted PBX phone system could be the perfect complement to your services. We’ll help you add value to your clients’ business – and yours.

Get performance you can count on and the best functionality from New Zealand’s VoIP specialists.

We implement VoIP business phone systems that exceed customer expectations. That’s because we make them easy to deploy ‘out of the box’, with advanced features and a highly resilient network. Get the hosted PBX phone system your enterprise needs right now.

What our Customers Say

Securecom have partnered with UFONE since July 2019 and we have trusted our customers’ 3CX and VoIP business with them exclusively.
Steve Snook, SecureCom
Steve Snook,


Ufone’s point of difference is that you can always get in touch with them. We simply pick up the phone and there is someone on the other end to help.
Mark McElroy, Te Roopu Taurima
Mark McElroy,

Te Roopu Taurima

Ufone’s service is amazing and really reasonably priced. I love the fact that we get to deal with the same great team all the time.
Sandy Nelson, Walker Wayland
Sandy Nelson,

Walker Wayland

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