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Cloud V In-house -Which is More Secure?
Most people would automatically assume that the "Internet" is inherently insecure and a dangerous pl...
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Kiwi IT spend to buck global downturn
Kiwis are spending more this year than our counterparts in the rest of World, and this doesn't surpr...
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UFone "The Smart Choice of Provider"

The Best Advice
One of the most important features of the service we provide our customers is expert timely advise on complicated Telecommunications services. We understand that you are expert ...
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Ufone Platform Supports 3CX
Ufone are proud to announce that their VoIP platform now fully supports 3CX and we are the first and only platform in NZ to do so.  This means that you can be assured that ...
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VOIP.. Is it right for you?
For many companies, signing up with a VOIP service seems to be a no brainer, there’s huge cost savings right? Well there’s more to it than that and whether VOIP is ...
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What can Ufone do for my business?
Ufone has been set up with one thing in mind, to help NZ businesses benefit by using the latest technologies in their communications.  Ufone will update your ...
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What makes Ufone different?
In a nutshell – bigger choice with smaller bills.  Most telecommunications providers either specialise in one area of technology, or they are so big they don't care ...
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Super High Speed Internet

Ufone is actively connecting our customers to UFB.  The next best option is VDSL.

Find out what's available at your location by calling 0800-508-888.


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3CX is an internationally successful VoIP PBX used by such companies as Boeing and Harley Davidson. Ufone sell this platform and are an Advanced Certified support partner.

To find out more about 3CX click here.