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Landline on your mobile – perfect for small businesses

3CX SMB Small Business

Landline on your mobile

The perfect telephone solution for small business

What’s in a name you say? Everything and nothing! Here’s our take. The name change from StartUP PRO to 3CX SMB Small Business is in line with our industry and better reflects the editions we offer and the range of businesses we serve – from startups to small and medium-sized businesses, right up to professional and large enterprises.

3CX SMB Small Business and 3CX Free are light versions of the world renown 3CX Phone System. It is a self-managed phone system. Follow the 3CX Startup instruction and you could be up and running today. To be able to connect to other national and international phones, you will need to purchase a SIP Channel from UFONE. We can also provide you with a landline phone number or Toll Free phone number.

3CX SMB Small Business

If you have outgrown 3CX FREE or want to portray a professional image with a landline phone number and are looking for a solution for up to 20 users, choose 3CX SMB Small Business. It includes all the value and features of the 3CX FREE plan… with more great add-ons! This means get these features and more:

  • Call Queues – Queue them don’t lose them!
  • Multi-level IVR / Auto attendant
  • Deskphone support
  • Voicemail-to-text
  • Call & Chat Reporting
  • Listen in, Whisper, and Barge in on calls
  • SMS/MMS support
3CX SMB Small Business
3CX SMB Small Business

All the features and functionality you need

Big business features for small businesses with big ideas. Hosted by 3CX for up to 20 users it includes a 2 month trial period before committing fully to your plan. 3CX SMB from UFONE starts from only $35 per month including one SIP channel. If you’re looking to manage larger call flows more easily and want detailed reports for better-informed business decisions, 3CX SMB small business is the ideal place to start.

Our affordable, all-inclusive plans offer advanced features and a highly resilient network that just works. Manage calls, video and live chat on one seamless platform. Release the potential of cloud-hosted 3CX VoIP, and get the system your business has been waiting for.

3CX SMB Plans

These are self-managed plans with up to 20 users/extensions coupled with UFONE SIP Channels.

Please contact UFONE for pricing of 11-20 users or extensions



10 users – Self Managed 3CX with two SIP channels meaning two external & 8 internal calls at any one time.

Setup 3CX SMB




10 users – Self Managed 3CX with three SIP channels meaning three external & 7 internal calls at any one time.

Contact UFONE



10 users – Self Managed 3CX with four SIP channels meaning four external & 6 internal calls at any one time.

Setup 3CX SMB

To set 3CX SMB up yourself, click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Setup 3CX SMB

If you want to connect to the national phone network, you will need to open an account with UFONE and buy a SIP Trunk.

Contact UFONE

UFONE 3CX SMB Plans include:

  • 3CX Licence
  • Hosted by 3CX
  • Self-Managed by you
  • UFONE SIP channels – number dependent on your plan
  • 3CX Softphone for Mobile
  • Digital Receptionist

Get 3CX Startup FREE!

Get a free 3CX Startup Edition – for up to 10 users, including mobile apps, web conferencing, live chat & messaging and more. With 3CX you choose how your system is configured. 3CX Free is hosted by 3CX – download and set it up yourself or contact UFONE if you need help.

Contact UFONE for SIP Trunks or if you need help setting 3CX up.

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