Innovative, Boutique, Kiwi. Auckland-based telecommunications company UFONE and KAZOO are the perfect partners to enhance your IT Services business with comprehensive VoIP Services.


UFONE and KAZOO, The perfect way to GoVoIP

For many IT Service firms VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) has always been a significant challenge. On the one hand companies offering bargain basement services with no support and no customisation.  On the other custom-built solutions costing many hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and maintain. Nothing in the market allowed firms like yours to say proudly “I stand by this product”, until now.

UFONE, a 30 year stalwart of the business telecommunications industry, have brought the reliable, resilient, and adaptable Kazoo platform from 2600hz to their NZ based datacentres. This has opened up the full power of this innovative platform nationwide supported by their Auckland based Network Engineering & Support Teams. The system, dubbed GoVoIP, is available fully white labelled or delivered as an external service to match with the needs of partners.


Fraud Protection

No conversation of VoIP would go very far before the fraud risk is raised.  With their experience UFONE understands and delivers in spades allowing partners to de-risk themselves and their
customers through multiple levels of independent protections. Starting with the individual customer account level limits, allowing partners to limit their customers to only the destinations the customer requires. The next level employs rolling average spend monitoring, alerting  when there is an unusual spike in calling to unusual destinations. Another level adds overall risk monitoring of all calls in the system using sophisticated analysis.  This looks for outliers in calling both inside the GoVoIP network and at upstream carrier gateways.  It also provides multiple overlapping layers of protection to minimise risks for partners and customers.



However, this protection doesn’t weaken the systems ease of use nor its quality. Reinforced by the automatic use of secure credentials for user settings, GoVoIP has automatic, optimised configurations for over 100 of the most popular phones and other VoIP devices allowing automatic configuration out of the box for remote sites (minimising technician visits and setup / support costs) and removing temptation from users who may otherwise weaken the passwords used for their ease of setup.

GoVoIP preserves top quality voice optimised for quality, clarity, and compatibility. A wide range of settings are supported, ensuring that users key business communications “just work” without the poor quality of budget VoIP Providers.



The Kazoo Platform that GoVoIP is built on top of also provides many advanced features. Systems are included that can integrate into CRM and other customer systems in a timely and comprehensive manner. The system is very user friendly while still allowing the integration of the advanced features at the click of a button. GoVoIP and the dedicated New Zealand engineering team work with partners to deliver custom integration and cooperation to deliver bespoke solutions to customers.


Automatic Failover

Kazoo leverages the best open source software and dedicated proprietary apps to deliver a comprehensive solution to all telecommunication needs. From SIP Trunks to connect existing (or new) on-premise phone systems to fully “in cloud” solutions allowing for mobile and variable working locations. Kazoo system provides a fully redundant and flexible solution. The benefit is automatic failover for customer systems and allowing for continuity of services in the event of an office being unable to be occupied. This allows staff to decamp to temporary offices or their homes and stay in full communication and able to service customer enquiries.


Telco Grade Reliability

Any system deployed to customers needs to have the features they need. However a partners reputation, and value to those customers is built upon selecting the most reliable system to run on and deliver the services. GoVoIP partners can trust the core system to deliver reliability in spades. GoVoIP’s Kazoo Core is a full featured Class 5 Voice Switching system with redundancy.  This ensures continuous operations through disruptions and outages. Every part of GoVoIP’s Kazoo core has at least two redundant connections in its local datacentre to every other functional part of the system. Every datacentre connects to every other datacentre.  Datacentres maintain multiple external connections to different service providers for connectivity and additional connections to dedicated voice carriers. This provides a comprehensive network of connections and routing.

This also ensures that calls get where they are going, rapidly connecting calls to their destinations with highest quality audio and clearest voice. A total loss of a datacentre doesn’t get in the way of delivery to your customers. GoVoIP, powered by the Kazoo core, dedicated to voice delivery.

Now is the perfect time to learn more and sign up with GoVoIP to deliver top quality VoIP to your customers today.


DISCLOSURE: article author Alexander Neilson is a consultant network and voice engineer who was the former network manager at UFONE.