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Take your business collaboration to the next level with Microsoft Teams

UFONE works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams

UFONE helps your organisation unleash the power of
Microsoft Teams.

Some businesses need to use Microsoft Teams for real-time collaboration, file sharing and online video. And now you can complement its functionality with UFONE’s affordable and highly reliable VoIP connection.

UFONE works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams

A UFONE business VoIP connection includes full compliance and connectivity for your Microsoft Teams set-up via direct routing. With a Microsoft-certified Session Border Controller (SBC), we’ll provide a seamless and secure interface between your users and our dedicated SIP trunk – the indispensable infrastructure that connects your VoIP system to the outside world.

Because we own and manage our own SIP trunks, we can guarantee their security and reliability. It’s the smart way to keep your lines of communication operating at full strength with a strong Teams component.

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It’s easy to integrate your Teams users with UFONE’s VoIP and SIP trunk infrastructure.

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