Much like any internet connected device, VoIP phones can be the unfortunate targets by hackers. These individuals are involved in fraud and theft says Auckland-based telecommunications company UFONE NZ.

“With indications that occurrences of VoIP fraud are on the rise, it’s more critical than ever to make sure that you’re informed and prepared to avoid the risks,” says Nigel Rayneau, CEO of UFONE.

VoIP works by transmitting voice content over a data network, which allows people and business to make phone calls through the Internet instead of traditional phone lines.

VoIP fraud is an ever-present threat in the telecommunications industry. There are a few important steps that businesses can take that will help prevent and minimise the damage that can come as a result of VoIP fraud.

Software Updates

As with most cases of internet fraud, one of the best and easiest ways you can safeguard your business is to ensure that all your software is up to date. “Hackers will frequently try to use known exploits, so having all your systems regularly updated helps to avoid existing vulnerabilities,” adds Nigel.


Insecure passwords and devices on your network are the most prevalent cause of successful VoIP fraud.  The first line of defense here is to always use a random password generator with a password length of 12 characters or more.  Passwords should not use only letters and numbers, as this also makes them more vulnerable.

Network Devices

Network devices are at risk if set up to allow external management access.  Known exploitable devices should never be used, as they can be targeted easily. Ufone staff are knowledgeable in these things as security is a top priority for us.


Another tactic that fraudsters and hackers will use is to attack during weekends.  This is when phone systems may be unattended, so fraud events may go unnoticed for many hours. One the best solutions is to have a monitoring or alert system in place. You can then be updated when something malicious is happening in your system. Having an alert system that works in real-time allows you to instantly take action.

Service Provider Protection

Of course if you are a Ufone Cloud Hosted customer, they make sure your system is secure.  They even protect you from financial risk in the event of a fraud event.  Ufone systems are constantly monitored for intrusion. Theu also have limits are in place to minimise the impact of a fraudulent “hack”.  For example all at risk countries are automatically disallowed by default, and every account has limits to how much calling it can clock up.  Additional to that, real time monitoring is in place and alerts come up when suspicious activity is detected.

When it comes to VoIP fraud every second counts. Many businesses wait until they become a victim of this crime before they start taking the correct precautions. “Making sure that you have a solid detection system in place, secure networks and analysing traffic for signs of fraud, you can minimize the fraud risks,” advises Nigel.

UFONE are committed to providing exceptional technical support.  They also regularly test to ensure all features work reliably and are secured against any potential attacks. As UFONE is New Zealand-based, staff are available 24/7 to deal with any support issues users may face.