I’ve just been travelling around the USA for 3 weeks and for most of you the cost of keeping in touch with work is expensive, well for me it cost nothing!  How?

Using 3CX at work and a soft phone app (software phone) on my mobile phone, each afternoon when I checked into the Hotel and logged onto their WiFi network, my online presence would be detected at work on the staffs computer screens and they could call me on my work extension using only data for the international call.We had daily catchups and talked without the restraint of roaming call costs.

This was also very handy when I had a problem with a stolen credit card which was being used fraudulently while I was in the USA, by someone in NZ, I had a 30 minute call to the bank to discuss the issue.

Being in the USA, I turned on my soft phone app while in the Hotel, called the bank by just dialing 09 XXX XXXX using my NZ desk Extension in Auckland, it was just a local call for me, they were somewhat puzzled, how I could be in the USA and calling from a NZ number, however I explained I was using a VoIP phone and could identify myself as I had made a transaction that day in the US to prove I was there.

Everything got sorted and I didn’t have to pay what would have normally cost $55 for a roaming call to the bank.

The call was free! The shopping however, was not.