3CX is fast becoming the cloud PBX of choice for NZ businesses.  Read further to find out why.

State of the Art PBX

“This award winning PBX phone system is a state of the art communication tool for all businesses,” says Nigel Rayneau, CEO of UFONE. Capable of running on Windows or Linux platforms, 3CX connects a wide variety of popular VoIP phones, as well as iPhones and Android smartphones.  It connects via office extensions to UFONE’s Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) infrastructure, and from there to any phone in the world.

Businesses across the globe are halving their phone bills by leveraging the 3CX phone system and VoIP gateways. From his experience in using this technology with UFONE, Rayneau outlines three main reasons why all businesses should use it.

Lower Costs

The ability to use your existing server hardware can save on initial hardware, and maintenance costs.  By utilising a “cloud hosted” solution the capital expenditure can be eliminated entirely.  From as little as $60 per month, UFONE offers a range of packages to suit every business. “From small startups to large corporates, 3CX is a flexible solution capable of meeting every company’s needs,” says Rayneau.

More Efficient Call Management

3CX makes call management incredibly simple so that businesses can provide faster and more responsive customer service. Users can manage their extension and calls with just a few clicks of the mouse and without the need for a complicated interface. “Basically, 3CX provides advanced functionality straight out of the box,” explains Rayneau.

Increased Staff Mobility

3CX allows users to make and receive calls from anywhere by using an iPhone or Android smartphone.  Client software on your smartphone has the added advantage of keeping mobile numbers confidential. This outstanding system ensures that businesses never miss an important phone call.  3CX enables cost-effective and high-quality calls to remote extensions and offices wherever they are located.

“I would strongly recommend the 3CX PBX phone system to all businesses wanting to reduce costs and improve customer service,” says Rayneau. “All of UFONE’s data centres are in New Zealand, so you get the benefit of faster speed and quicker response times.”

Both 3CX and UFONE are exceptional at providing technical support and regular test to ensure all features work reliably. As UFONE is locally based, staff are available 24/7 to deal with any support issues users may face.

About UFONE and 3CX

UFONE provides reliable business to business VoIP services throughout New Zealand. They also provides expert end-to-end support, right from your desk phone to our core network. UFONE is also proud to be a 3CX platinum partner.  All our data centres are located right here in New Zealand so you get the benefits of faster speeds and quicker response times.

UFONE pride themselves in being 3CX’s New Zealand recommended service provider. 3CX is a leading global Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) IPBX software developer and UFONE have deployed and support some of the largest 3CX installations in New Zealand.