Three key reasons why leading New Zealand-based telecommunications company Ufone NZ remains at the top of their game.

Support, reliability and functionality. These are three vital factors that keep Ufone NZ as a key player in the ever-growing Telecom market.  Our services are ideal for mid-sized, multi-site companies with mobile work-forces that need a tailored solution for their growing needs.

♦ Support

Unbeatable customer support has always been one the main pillars that Ufone strives for.  When calling Ufone customer support you’ll always get through to local expert staff who specialise in VoIP support, and in maintaining Ufones great reputation. When dealing with customers over the phone Ufone staff have full control to tweak the network and often solve problems instantly.

The friendly and professional support staff at Ufone will quickly and efficiently assist customers with whatever issues may arise. “The secret to our top-quality reliable service is that we have end to end control and a quality support team who know what they are doing,” says Ufone CEO Nigel Rayneau.

♦ Reliability

The team at Ufone are obsessed in maintaining system reliability for our clients.

One of the fundamental ways we do this is by all staff having expert knowledge in all systems we deploy.  We also maintain control over our customers’ network, which provides us with end-to-end visibility. This is why Ufone recommends to our customers to get their high speed UFB Internet connection directly from Ufone rather than just their VoIP service.

At all times our highly trained engineers keep track of every moment of every call made from the phone it’s made from to the phone it connects to. “This is just one of the ways that we maintain the integrity and reliability of our network,” comments Nigel.

Another fundamental principle is monitoring and pre-empting problems before they have any impact on our customers. One of the features of a high availability network is the ability to maintain and replace parts without effecting overall performance or service functionality. This is achieved by very sophisticated software systems which alert staff of any anomaly like storage performance degradation or an overheating CPU.

Ufone recently completed a major network upgrade to keep their services resilient and reliable so they are ready to capitalise and share the benefits of their new infrastructure and capabilities with their customers.

♦ Functionality

Ufone specialise in VoIP and nothing else, which is why we deploy only “State-of-the-Art” VoIP systems such as our premium product offering 3CX, with extensive functionality always kept up to date with the latest releases.  New version releases are pre-tested in-house to make sure software bugs are found before customers experience them.  Our customers are guaranteed to be using the best and the latest innovations, ahead of the crowd.

Ufone provides an extensive range of services, including installation, training and support.  “We can supply and install either a hosted PBX VoIP system or an on-premises system as well as premium business Internet service,” adds Nigel.