Out with the old, in with the new: Auckland-based telecommunications company UFONE NZ starts 2019 with their latest network upgrade.

New Zealand’s leading business VoIP provider UFONE NZ have made an excellent start to 2019. With a mission to constantly keep their services speedy and reliable, the Auckland-based VoIP experts have recently rolled out their latest network upgrade.

This major project required three months of meticulous planning and implementation. It involved redesigning UFONE’s core network to include new state-of-the-art high-availability switches and routers which could replace their old equipment. This made for a challenging installation process as some of the new equipment weighed up to 80 kgs!

Reliability Means Two of Everything

“UFONE runs a system providing VoIP and Internet services to our customers and to be successful we need to set up our infrastructure to be as reliable and resilient as possible,” explains UFONE CEO Nigel Rayneau.

In order to achieve a Telco level of reliability, the minimum requirement begins with having two fully functional independent data centres. Each centre must have the ability to operate the entire system independently in case the other fails for any reason.

Another vital requirement is multiple upstream paths of connectivity to each data centre and the ability to automatically switch between upstream paths.

Maintaining a high degree of reliability means anything that can fail has a duplicate.  In the event of a failure of a power unit, a network card, or an internal storage drives, the duplicate takes over automatically. So, even if a server hard disk fails catastrophically, there would be zero impact to the end customer.

It Takes More Than That

“These are all baseline requirements which are not only costly to purchase and set up but require a high level of expertise and knowledge to maintain,” says Rayneau. “Improving reliability and resiliency means investment in better equipment. It also means having staff expertise who understand the complex equipment being deployed.”

For the remainder of the year, UFONE’s major goal will be to capitalise on their new infrastructure and capabilities, by expanding their services to larger and more demanding corporate customers.