Ufone are 3CX’s New Zealand recommended service provider. Also they are a 3CX platinum partner.  “We are excited by the new features just announced in the version 16 update”, says Nigel Rayneau, CEO of Ufone. “It guarantees that there is an edition that will be ideal for every customer’s unique needs.”

3CX is a leading global Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) PBX software developer.  3CX CEO Nick Galea says “Version 16 offers new ways to improve customer service, and boost employee productivity. At the same time it is easier to manage and of course help you to cut costs.

More Ways to Communicate

Office Group Communicating“Version 16, has taken 3CX beyond unifying communication and extended it to improve customer service.” Comments Nick. Version 16 enables you to communicate in more ways and more effectively. It does this with call centre improvements, contact centre functionality, and CRM integration improvements.  It also features service quality monitoring with a brand new web-based switch board.

“Customers these days don’t just want to be able to call your main number. They also want to reach out to you by chatting on your website so we have built a new contact centre feature,” adds Nick.

The 3CX Live Chat & Talk has integrated live chat. This allows customers to chat or call you from your website. Now the same agents that handle calls can now also handle chats.  The chat can also be elevated to a call at any time if needed.

With 3CX your customers now won’t have to switch to a phone call after chatting. This makes it more seamless for the customer. Agents don’t need to learn two interfaces and administrators don’t need to manage multiple systems.

Better Integration

Version 16 has improved server-side CRM integration, and now supports more systems and integration functions. 3CX also now adds support for in-built CRM dialer apps, which means you can now have a complete trail of customer communications before you answer a call.

Browser Based Applications

Browser address barThe ability to monitor when and how your customers are being helped is vital to delivering excellent customer service. Version 16 enables you to do this effortlessly with the new web-based switch board.

The web-based switch board has improved call recording which has advanced search, call transcription and remote archiving to Google Drive or NAS.

The beefed-up call reports have greatly improved report accuracy and will have more features in coming updates.

The web based WebRTC softphone is out of beta, and allows calls to be taken from a browser and can also help in controlling calls on an IP Phone or Smartphone.

With version 16 3CX you no longer need a separate video conferencing subscription. 3CX’s integrated WebRTC based web conferencing feature just got even better: (i) By adding an ability to dial-in to a web meeting by phone. (ii) With optimized bandwidth usage. (iii) With Browser extension-less screen sharing. (iv) And by adding support for Logitech cameras and systems.

Better Chat

Version 16 comes with a greatly updated corporate chat that now has support for files, images and emojis. “It has been upgraded to be on par with WhatsApp so users are instantly familiar with it,” adds Nick. “This greatly improves productivity of employees”.

Improved Office 365 Integrations

Version 16 comes with real time syncing with Office 365 integration and can now support all Office 365 subscriptions. If you add or delete a person from Office 365 it will do the same in 3CX automatically. Contact and calendar sync is also available in version 16.

More Advanced Features

Advanced Features representationThe system admin is not forgotten in this update. In version 16 there is improved security with global IP blacklist, updates to latest components, and an IP whitelist has been added for the 3CX management console.

A Multi Instance Manager has also been added as well as drastically reduced memory and processor usage.  Cloud instance feature lower spec requirements, and call quality reporting is available via RTCP statistics. A “copy extension” function as well as other admin usability improvements are now available, and you can now even run 3CX on Raspberry Pi.


All Supported By Ufone

Ufone have a strong focus on providing superior customer service.  Ufone also regularly test the systems they support to ensure all features work unfailingly. “At UFONE we are also locally based, meaning that our expert staff are available 24/7 to deal with any support issues our users may face,” adds Nigel.

Check out this video of Nick Galea talking about version 16 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z421fw461qc