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UFONE is the only Certified 3CX Cloud Hosted Provider and 3CX Interoperability Partner in New Zealand. This means that technical support and regular testing is provided by both 3CX and UFONE to assure all features work reliably, which in turn provides smooth integration and operation.

In addition UFONE is a 3CX Platinum Partner and maintains their own VoIP infrastructure, which is fully supported by 3CX and guarantees full operation of all 3CX Phone System features enabling 3CX customers to make cost-effective and high-quality calls to remote extensions and offices.

3CX’s Cloud Hosted PBX is an ideal solution for your business as you get your own dedicated PBX without the management overhead. You can save on initial hardware, licensing, setup and maintenance costs, and at the same time, your Cloud Hosted PBX is completely separated from and unaffected by other tenants.

To suit the various business needs, UFONE offers a range of packages, from all inclusive packages starting at $94 per month for a 4 SIM call Pro, and there are no charges or limitations for additional extensions.

Whether you’re looking to improve your customer service with a more efficient caller phone queue, give your staff increased mobility, or simply reduce costs, 3CX is the VOIP phone system you’ve been waiting for!

The UFONE Advantage

Locally Hosted

All UFONE Cloud Hosted 3CX services are based in New Zealand data centres, giving the fastest speeds, lowest latency and quickest response time for New Zealand businesses.

Certified Support

Call us any time for certified 3CX technical support and advice. Our engineers are all 3CX Advanced Certified, if you have a problem we’ve probably seen it before!


All 3CX features are supported out of the box. Our SIP trunks have completed comprehensive interoperability testing with 3CX to ensure complete functionality.

One Stop Shop

A true One Stop Shop. Combine our Hosted 3CX service along with SIP Trunks, UFB, VDSL, Dedicated Fibre, Traditional PSTN, Managed WAN, Backup and Storage Services.

3CX Pro Hosted – All Inclusive Plans

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3CX is an International success for good reason, and Ufone are recognised as experts in deployment and support, by 3CX directly.
Configuration is simple on our network, just pick UFONE on the menu and complex features are set.
No-one else can match this in NZ.