No matter where your customers are calling from, Ufone can provide you with 0800, 0508 or word numbers and ensure that these important calls are directed to the most appropriate answerpoint. And it won't cost your callers a cent!

Ufone can easily arrange inbound and outbound International TollFree numbers on your behalf. Let your overseas customers contact you without the effort of setting up an overseas office. You can also terminate your TollFree number overseas and make the most of international time differences.  Ufone's intelligent network is flexible, so you make the most out of every call. There are pricing plans to suit your calling profile i.e. flat rate or regional plans. Using our automated prompt service, you can instantly update the termination point for your TollFree number, or switch between your Call Plans. Great for urgent changes or disaster recovery.

Advanced features include:

  • Geographic Routing
  • Time Dependant Routing
  • Menu Routing
  • Call Screening
  • Call Distribution
  • Follow Me
  • Pre-Announcment
  • Call screening

Even if you currently have this service already, we can probably save you money by transferring to us.

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