ISDNISDN stands for 'Integrated Services Digital Network'. It's a phone line that lets you send and receive high volumes of voice, data and video communications through a single digital connection, at up to five times the speed of analogue lines.

ISDN simplifies business by connecting phones, faxes and computers to the one connection. Adding applications and locations is easy which makes growing a business easier, too. It's economical, because you're only charged for what you use. There's a realistic monthly line rental after which you pay separately for usage.

No special training is required. From voice calls across town to sending X-ray images across the world, it's as simple as dialling a phone number.

Ufone offers a choice of two ISDN services:

Basic Rate ISDN (also known as BRI) is ideal for individual users, small businesses and regional offices. BRI, can simultaneously send and receive voice, data or video at 64Kbps or use both 64Kbps channels to obtain 128Kbps.

Primary Rate ISDN (also known as PRI) is the answer to higher traffic levels for bigger businesses or those using high bandwidth applications. With a PRI you can have up to 30 channels per 2 Mbit/s interface.

Even if you already have this service, Ufone can probably save you money by transferring to us.

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